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If 100x² + 25y² = 100, then 50xy = ?. GMAT GRE SAT QUANTITATIVE, Data Sufficiency Algebra

If  100x² + 25y² = 100, then 50xy = ?

1) 1000x^4 + 625y^4 = 800

2) 10x + 5y = 8


data sufficiency


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how advances turtle in the 71 th day? GMAT Problem Solving Quantitative

A turtle, the first day five meters forward, the second day double the tour earlier advances, the third day back half of the route above, the fourth day double the tour earlier advances and so on, how advances turtle in the 71 th day?

turtle race



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How many attempts are necessary ?, counting methods GMAT MATH

It has 5 cables and connectors 3, a cable going into a connector. With few tries as ensures the correct coneccción of the three wires in the three connectors?





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